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The Friendly Hermit

All who wander are not lost...

5 June 1976
External Services:
Labels that sometimes describe me: academic, activist, animal lover, animation fan, cheesecake fanatic, collector, environmentalist, foodie, gamer, gay, honorary lesbian, introvert, loner, oenophile, outspoken, postmodernist, professor, progressive, queer, reader, scientific, seeker, spiritual, shy, Tigger, universalist, writer
Misc stats: Been around since 1976, 5'8", masculine-androgynously gendered
Household at present: Allen, Rio, Tessa, Seymour, and Sadie.
Credentials: PhD in Sociology from UA with dissertation on racial sexual orientation; MA in Sociology from UA with masters paper on the ex-gay movement; BS in Biology from UT Martin, Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies; University Scholar with honors thesis on literary analysis, medieval history, and gender studies
Past locations: various parts of Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee, as well as Tucson, Arizona
Other fun facts:
* I am a person with a few close friends and many acquaintances.
* I am an assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at a public university.
* I am a specialist in the sociology of sexualities, gender, and social movements. Also interested in sociology of race & ethnicity, religion, communities, science & knowledge, and animals in society.
* I am a former medical student who once wanted to be a family medicine doctor.
* I am interested in evolution, ecology, and zoology (especially entomology, ichthyology, and herpetology).
* I am interested in narrative, especially GLBT narratives and sexuality narratives more generally.
* I am also interested in religion and mythology.
* I am a nearly life-long fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, if you couldn't tell.
* I am planning to learn guitar and perhaps piano.
* I am primarily attracted to men, especially feminine-to-androgynous men.
Unusual things about me:
* I had chicken pox twice
* I've never broken a bone *knock on wood*
* As a kid I was able to whistle (and make other weird noises) through my eyes
* I drink dill pickle juice straight from the jar like lemonade
"friendly", academia, activism, affinity politics, alternative families, alternative relationships, androgynous men, androgyny, anime, aquariums, arizona, biodiversity, bisexuals, books, bookstores, british humor, cartoons, cats, chess, christian humanism, civil disobedience, civil rights, comic strips, consistent life ethic, cuddling, democrats, diversity, ecology, effeminate males, elves, environment, equity, ethical sluts, evolution, ex-gays, families of choice, fantasy books, fantasy movies, feminism, feminist theology, gaming, gandalf, gay, gay community, gay geeks, gay men, gay nerds, gay polyamory, gaymers, gays, gender, gender studies, genderbending, genderfuck, genderqueer, graduate school, grassroots democracy, green party, hayao miyazaki, hobbits, homoeroticism, homosocial desire, honorary lesbians, hugging, humanism, infornography, interfaith dialogue, internet stalking, intuition, j.r.r. tolkien, learning guitar, lesbians, liberal christianity, liberation theology, magic the gathering, male sex workers, mary chapin carpenter, medicine, medieval, medieval history, memphis, men's studies, mississippi, muds, muscadine wine, mysticism, mythology, nintendo, non-fiction, non-hetero, non-violence, nonfiction, nonviolence, npr, old books, paganism, pansexuality, penny arcade, pervy hobbit fanciers, pets, poetry, poly, polyamory, polyfidelity, ponds, postmodernism, progressive, progressive christianity, progressives, public education, quakers, queer by choice, queer theory, queers, racial sexual preference, reading, reform judaism, rent, role-playing games, same-sex marriage, satires of academic pretentiousness, sexuality, sharing the peace, shel silverstein, short stories, simple living, sketching, snuggle buddies, social justice, socialism, sociology, strategy, strategy games, tennessee, the homosexual agenda, the south, the tick, theater, transgender, triads, tropical fish, turtles, unitarian universalism, universal health care, university of arizona, used bookstores, video games, wisdom, writing